After 18 years, revisiting the barber featured in our first YouTube video.
After 18 years, revisiting the barber featured in our first YouTube video.

My travel journey began
as a broke teenage backpacker hitchhiking across Europe.  Since then I’ve exchanged my thumb for a boarding pass, and I have been independently exploring the globe for over 20 years.

Behind the scenes filming with our friend João Rocha in the beautiful Azores!

As my travels grew longer, I would inevitably need to get a haircut along the way.  Wherever I was at the time I would always find a local barber.  Each time I found the experiences within the barber shops to be a more genuine interaction with the local communities.

I have traveled to 50 countries many of which I’ve visited more than once.  While I’ve enjoyed all of my travels, there are some places I love and I’ve returned to multiple times.  A few of my favorite countries I have traveled to are Nepal, Indonesia, Algeria, and Cambodia.

Our original YouTube video was filmed in a small barber shop while traveling through India in 1999.  This video emerged out of a desire to travel, film, and share these experiences.

Ever since launching the HairCutHarry YouTube channel in 2012 we have continued to seek out unique barbers and barber shops around the world to share their stories.

Catching up with the one and only Moustache Jim in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Over the years our approach to filming has been from a documentary perspective.  We try to share a small glimpse into the character of the barbers and barber shops we visit.

Haircut Harry Getting Ducktail Hairstyle at Blue Velvet’s Barbershop in Hiroshima, Japan
Ducktail Haircut by Mr. Hideki at the iconic Blue Velvet’s Barbershop in Hiroshima 🇯🇵

Throughout the years, I’ve been asked questions ranging from what camera gear I use to how I find barbershops.  Please check out our frequently asked questions to find out some answers!

Haircut Harry Standing Outside a Restaurant with Jimmy at a Food Market in Seoul, South Korea

After many years of traveling, I still love to travel and am continuously inspired by the people I meet on the road.  I have always enjoyed sharing some of these unique experiences through our YouTube channel and I want to share more of the travel journey through this blog.

My hope is that you are inspired to explore the world around us – near or far.

Thank you so much to everyone for being a part of this journey!

  • The Journey Begins!

    Harry acquires his first passport and finds ways to travel on a really small budget.   Initially, he travels mostly in Europe and a little bit in the USA. 

  • No Turning Back

    With each trip abroad, Harry stays away longer!  His travels take him to Africa and Southeast Asia.

  • Travel & Haircuts

    As his travels became longer, he inevitably needed to get a haircut.  He would always find a local barber and found the experiences within the barber shop a more genuine interaction with the local community.   

  • 1999 The Bombay Haircut

    Mystery Woman filmed the original HairCut Harry barbershop experience video in Aurangabad, India at The Bombay Hair Saloon!

  • 2006 First YouTube Video Uploaded!

    HairCut Harry was introduced to YouTube and the original version of The Bombay Haircut was shared with the world.  The video actually got a lot of views and it was great to see the universal appeal of an Indian barbershop experience.

  • 2012 HairCut Harry Channel Launched

    The YouTube channel was officially launched with a reworked version of The Bombay Haircut and The Turkish Grand Bazaar Haircut.

  • Viewer Interest Grows

    It's exciting to see the interest in the YouTube channel.  The 11 most popular videos each have over 1 million views!

  • 2017 Travels

    HairCut Harry travelled to 10 countries and filmed 16 new videos in barbershops, including a surprise visit with the barber in Aurangabad, India, featured in our original YouTube video.

  • 2018 HairCut Harry Blog

    The HairCut Harry Blog is launched as an extension to the YouTube channel.  

  • September 2018 Incredible Milestone

    Reached 100,000 subscribers on our YT channel on September 10, 2018!  Thank you so much to everyone for supporting and being a part of this journey!  Looking forward to sharing more adventures with you.

  • November 2018 First Video To Break 3 Million Views

    The wet shave video we filmed with the Guardian Angel of Route 66 reaches the milestone of 3 million views on November 13, 2018!