Capturing Travel Moments

Finding Inspiration and Beauty All Around the World

A collection of photos we have taken over the years during our travels featuring rambling roses, old doorways, a peaceful abbey, romantic 16th and 18th century interiors, historic cafes, cemetery sculptures, a vintage ruffled dress, and Saturday morning at the farmer’s market.  Each place visited we found inspiration around us that is often passed by in daily life.  The photographs are a reminder to us all to take the time to slow down and appreciate the many moments of beauty around us.  Challenge yourself to pause and find enjoyment in a moment.  Everyday pick a location and stop.  Breathe the air and look around with a fresh set of eyes.  What do you see now?  Please leave us a comment below letting us know the beauty you saw that would have otherwise been missed.

Hope you enjoy and find inspiration in this small selection of our travel photography!