Kazumi’s Barber Shop In Moscow, Idaho

We absolutely love spending time in and visiting large cities, but we also appreciate traditional smaller towns like Moscow, Idaho.  In all my years of traveling I’ve always liked to get off the beaten track to discover what is there.  What we love about traveling to different places and visiting a local barber shop is the people you meet.  Kazumi’s Barber Shop in Moscow, Idaho was one we truly enjoyed.

Recently, we were on a road trip in the US revisiting some cities as well as traveling to some places we haven’t seen before.  On one of our stops, we spent the night in Moscow, Idaho.  Moscow is home to the University of Idaho and has a population of around 25,000.

The town is filled with lots of cafes and restaurants.  Bucer’s Coffeehouse & Pub as well as One World Cafe are two of the locally owned eateries we stopped by for coffee and a bite to eat.  Both cafes served great coffee and healthy lunch menu options.

Chairs and table by window at One World Cafe in Moscow, Idaho
Have Coffee And A Bite To Eat At One World Cafe
Two upholstered chairs at One World Cafe in Moscow, Idaho

Kazumi’s Barber Shop

On this road trip, we were looking for old school barbershops in smaller towns of America.  We found two barbers in Moscow.  Each barber had a different personal story as well as decades of experience. 

One of the shops we filmed at was Kazumi’s Barber Shop.  When we stopped by her shop and enjoyed meeting and hearing her story.

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Outside the Front Door of Kazumi's Barber Shop in Moscow, Idaho

Old School Barber From Okinawa

Kazumi grew up in Okinawa, Japan.  After high school she worked as a sales person in a music store and she also worked in an office doing paperwork.  She remembers how she didn’t like sitting down doing stuff.  She preferred to move around and be more active.

Portrait of Kazumi inside Kazumi's Barber Shop

Kazumi went to barbering school in Tokyo, got licensed, and worked there for a little bit.  Later she met her husband who is actually from Idaho so they eventually settled down in Moscow, Idaho.  Over twenty years ago Kazumi opened her barber shop in Moscow, Idaho.  Prior to that she lived in California and worked as a barber on a navy base for a few years.

Before opening her shop, Kazumi also worked in a unisex salon for a period of time.  However, she found that she really wanted to get back into a more traditional barbering environment.        

The reason Kazumi loves barbering is because of the people.  Her customers are typically older and she has been seeing them for many years.  She has customers who have passed away and has seen some go into nursing homes.  A few of her customers are children but she says when they become teenagers they will often go to salons.  

Vintage Red Barber Chair

She proudly showed us the vintage red barber chair she acquired from another barbershop. It has the built in ashtray from back in the day when people smoked inside businesses.  The red chairs in her shop were meant to match her barber chair.

You’ll also notice she has a green thumb from all the plants in her shop.

Vintage Red Barber Chair Inside Kazumi's Barber Shop in Moscow, Idaho

“From one old school barber to another, I’d give her a big 9 out of 10 for that haircut….”

-Eugene Small

It was awesome to see so many of you from the area who commented on the video we filmed with Kazumi giving my hair a trim.  A couple of you suggested places to eat as well. We always love local tips!

Tyler recommended The Breakfast Club and Mr.Stranger suggested the area’s famous Grub Truck food truck. Check these places out if you are visiting Moscow, Idaho.

Thank you so much to all of you for watching, commenting, and liking the video we filmed with Kazumi at her barber shop in Moscow, Idaho! 


Kazumi’s Barber Shop
306 Jackson St.
Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: (208) 833-3138

Haircuts and walk-ins only.