Retro Bobby’s Arcade Barbershop

A subterranean realm stuffed full with arcade games, pinball machines, and collectible toys that would make any grown up brim with nostalgic envy. Ruben og Bobby’s barbershop and arcade is quite possibly the most mesmerizing dream of your youth come true!

Tucked away in the hip Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen, this could well be the most perfect man cave in the whole of Denmark! Bonus, it is not in Bobby’s parents’ basement! To help you get your bearings, a mere five-minutes walk from the touristy gravesite of Hans Christian Anderson in Assistens Cemetery will land you into this retro retreat on Bjelkes Allé 7.

“I like how it looks, the aesthetics of it, the colors, and I think it’s a beautiful art piece almost!”

A barber shop with a retro toy slash gaming twist. Ruben Og Bobby has been at this location for three years. It’s a cool place to hang out and dive into the nostalgia of your youth!

50 Krona’s per hour gets you all you can play on the games which is about the price of a beer in this city! A lot of people just think it is a fun place to be!

“Retro 80’s toys and video games,” says Bobby, “anyone can come in and trade them for money or even a haircut!”

Bobby may be living his dream in a Wayne’s World kind of way. Don’t let his mullet deter you from experiencing a haircut too. Bobby is a formally trained barber. He can seriously cut your hair any way you like from dashing retro to the latest respectable Copenhagen trend!

“There are a lot of people who are fed-up with the normal concept of how a barbershop should be,” Bobby says as he swings his hands open. “I’m passionate about cutting hair, and I also collect old retro toys and video games.”

Why not!  Retro respect Bobby – party on!

Ruben og Bobby, Bjelkes Allé 7, 2200 København N.


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